Species, Genetic Status (Korea)

The Asiatic black bear is one of the most endangered mammals in South Korea owing to population declines resulting from human exploitation and habitat fragmentation. To restore the black bear population in South Korea, 27 bear cubs from North Korea and Russian Far East (Primorsky Krai) were imported and released into Jirisan National Park, a …

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IUCN Red List (population, status, species data)


VN: Rescue 2019

Vietnamese authorities confiscated the two female bear cubs from wildlife smugglers in Hai Phong province on January 9, according to Vienna, Austria-based animal welfare NGO Four Paws. After spending a night in a hotel, the cubs were taken to a Four Paws bear sanctuary in Ninh Binh on January 10, where they are receiving intensive …

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Abstract, 2019, dispersal event of re-introduced Moonbear in Korea

Once reaching maturity, individuals of most mammal species typically disperse towards suitable habitats, adequate to their ecological requirements. If the habitat has reached saturation for carrying capacity, these individuals may disperse further to find an adequate habitat. The Asiatic black bear (Ursus thibetanus) has been reintroduced on the Korean Peninsula since the early 2000s, and …

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