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WSPA WSPA is working towards a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends. WSPA is the world’s leading international alliance of animal welfare advocates.

KARA Korean Animal Rights Advocates: KARA consists of a group of people living in Korea who believe that animals should be respected as sentient beings, with as much right as we have to live on this planet without suffering and tyranny. was established in 2007 and remains an irreplacable group of people dedicated to the freedom of Korean moonbears. Sign their petition today!

Country Report-an excellent regional resource, *Japan Bear Network

KARA Korea Animal Rights Advocates is a volunteer, non-profit organization in Korea whose members support and promote animal rights. We believe that animals have a right to live their lives free from tyranny and suffering.

Save the Moon Bears (Support Group Netherlands) We salute Ciska de Hilster for her efforts in laboring to bring about Asiatic Black Bear freedom from the Netherlands. An excellent resource-thank you for keeping the world informed!

Save Bears Now A fabulous collection of resources, links and petitions. Great work, Abel! We are grateful for your support!

Exotic Animal Lover For animal enthusiasts; chock full of resources – special thanks to Kimberly for her support!

EcoPaparazzi Here we share photos of the beauty and destruction of Mother Earth. Pictures sound the alarm and wake us up, and they motivate us to act! Our 2010 campaign to PASS THE BILL TO END BEAR BILE FARMING IN SOUTH KOREA! This is the year for the bears!

Jan Beeton’s Blog Jan Beeton’s Blog (South African Moonbear Campaign, Founder). Great work, Jan!

Ursa Freedom Project
Ursa Freedom Project joins hearts and minds all over the globe, to come together unified in an invocation for freedom for the Moon Bear. Special thanks to Jeanette McDermott, our dear friend in the struggle for animal welfare

The Korean Mountain Preservation League
An NGO dedicated to the ecological preservation of South Korea’s highlands. Special thanks to Shawn Morrissey for his unwavering support!

Animal Rescue Korea
Animal rescue and pet adoption in South Korea. Help abandoned dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits, birds, and small animals find homes. Special thanks to Ryan Goessl for his support!

Animals Asia Foundation
Animals Asia is a Hong Kong-based charity, dedicated to ending cruelty and restoring respect for all animals in Asia.

Green Korea
Green Korea United is a civic organization working to protect ecosystems and to promote public awareness in order to harmonize people with nature. We work to halt destructive development projects on the Korean peninsula and to protect forests and wildlife.

Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV) was established in 2000 as Vietnam’s first local non-governmental organization to focus on conservation of nature and the environment.

 Japan Bear Network The Japan Bear Network (JBN) is a membership-based organization created with the objective of carrying out the activities, research, discussion and exchange of information necessary to promote the co-existence of people and bears in Japan.

Zoo Check Canada Zoocheck Canada is a national animal protection charity (#13150 2072 RR 0001) established in 1984 to promote and protect the interests and well-being of wild animals. Focussing on laboratory animal protection in Korea, special thanks to Mr Chang Gil

EcoWordly EcoWorldly brings you news on sustainable successes and ecological failures in other countries that offer lessons for green progress in America. Find perspectives and news on the environmental movement from around the world. In search of heroes, Ammado supports non profits organizations and empowers fundraising for worthy causes.

MEDIA SUPPORTERS and SPONSORS A blog that reviews beauty products, *is against cruelty free products, and in support of a better future for our flora and fauna;. Thank you for your support and information

Seoul Writers Workshop SWW hosts workshops every other Sunday, publishes annual anthologies, and hosts charity events around Seoul. SWW was founded in 2007 by Kathryn Whinney and Chris Sanders in an effort to foster the talents of writers across Seoul. They have generously contributed the the cause through numerous fundraisers and print campaigns. Good work!

WILDTIME RADIO  We would like to thank Thomas Janak for his support and wish him the best of luck in his work!

Busan Haps Magazine
We are proud to call Busan Haps Magazine a cherished supporter of our cause in Busan. Visit them for information on Busan-based events and fundraisers (or, if you want to know “all there is to know” about enjoying thebeautiful city of Busan)! News, views, people and places in Hong Kong! Special thanks to John Cairns for his immense support of the animal welfare community. View John’s article on the launching of charitable book Ura’s World in Hong Kong. –Letter to the Editor, Ura’s World (By Kelly Frances McKenna,, –Animal Friendly Attitudes Boost Business

Expat Advisory Services BNK  is proud to call Expat Advisory Services a long-time supporter. Expat Advisory services provides users around the globe with helpful tips on living, events, safe travel, business information, NGO information, and more.
Moon Bears in Korea Thanks to the Seoulstyle Team for becoming an official sponsor and for lending their support, creativity, time and cherished energy for our cause. Check them out and learn a thing or two about Seoul, or check out BNK’s PAGE under COMMUNITY and read about featured recipes, lesson plans and fun facts!

The Marmot’s Hole Special thanks to founder Robert Koehler for publishing an informative article on behalf of the moonbears of Asia.

Support World Animal Day!

Pandarazzi  Supporting our animals with every unique creation! Check out Pandarazzi’s Moonbear page. Special thanks to Sandra  Miller for her hard work and support

Craftwork’s Taphouse and Bistro, Seoul A big thank you to owner Dan Vroon for his support and generosity. Bear Necessity Korea is a fan of his food and cosy atmosphere aswell! If you’re in Seoul, check it out in Haebongchon! We recommend the French Onion Soup!