16 Bears Left (2 found dead)

Today there are 16 bears left in the wild- confirmed by Jirisan moon bear species restoration centre.

June12, 2010, a 4 year old male bear was found dead by the Jirisan centre team. The cause of death was determined to be poisoning. They suspect the animal was killed by a farmer from a local village.  After the autopsy, it was found that the amount of poison found in his body exceeded the standard lethal dose by 40 times.

Another 6-year-old female named Lang-lim was found hanging dead on a tree, caught in a trap, on June 29. Farmer Choi (71) from a local village was arrested and charged with the crime.

Lang-lim was brought from North Korea and gave birth to her first cub last year. According to the specialists, her death threatens the baby’s survival.

 Translation courtesy of Moonbears.org, (Hangul story SBS News)