A child’s voice

A child Speaks out in Vietnam

 Oh, the little bear cub
Why does he appear like this?
In my mind
He must have a good life
With all his friends
Living happily in the jungle

Who knows that
Our poor bear cubs
Now live in iron cages
Far from the forest?
Dreaming of a time they can return
To their dream lives…

Poor bear cub
Who has to witness injustices
Endure a boring life 
With thousands of sorrows 

Hey, iron cage
Why can’t you open
So the bear can go back
Enjoy life at home?
He has to suffer  
A lot of misery and cruelty
From bad guys.

Bears are used for bile
And as food
But that is not all.
A bear has to suffer a silent pain
When his beautiful fur
Is changed into a coat
And his powerful paws 
Are kept in large wine jars

Why are humans so cruel?
So, so cruel!
Shall we make a commitment
To protect bears, together?

Summary: The poem was sent to Green Forest from a Grade 6 student in Tam Dao National Park’s buffer zone. source, as shown on Education For Nature Vietnam





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