AKOM endorses KAH report supporting the use of herbal alternatives to bear bile

AKOM Endorses KAH Report Supporting the Use of Herbal Alternatives to Bear Bile   

Korea’s Traditional Oriental Medicine giants, The Association of Korean Oriental Medicine (AKOM), endorsed a report authored by Korea Association of Herbology (KAH), the country’s second largest traditional medicine group. The report supports the use of herbs in lieu of bear bile, noting the cultural significance of the Asiatic Black bear, unhygienic farm conditions and the threatened status of the species.   

“Recently the Korean Association of Herbalists have produced a research report entitled “The research of Herbal Alternatives to Bear Bile,” which I believe demonstrates sufficient evidence for abolishing the farming (policy) of wild endangered species like bears” wrote AKOM Academic Director Gyu-Tae Chang, in the letter of endorsement. 

Gyu emphasized thanks to Green Korea United for “their tireless efforts to close the twentieth century that prioritized growth and development and to open the twenty-first century of a green world where human beings and nature co-exist.” 

While neither organisation has advocated an end to bear bile use, this development is highly encouraging. Practitioners have long acknowledged the existence and efficacy of herbs in treating the symptoms of ailments which might be treated with Ursodeoxycholic Acid (bear bile).

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