August 2011 Update

Bear Tree Park:

Bear Necessity Korea invites you to join us for our annual excursion to Bear Tree Park. This is a unique opportunity to see real live moonbears, and to help us document the care provided by the park. To see our previous reports, visit http://bearnecessitykorea.​com/news/bear-tree-park/The park is a beautiful facility, but we have long appealed to the owners to accept our offer, and that of Animals Asia to help improve the poor c…onditions of the *bear care. The park is a former bear bile farm, but currently serves as a well-frequented tourist attraction, resplendent with lush gardens, gift shops and quaint cafes. Bear Necessity Korea does not support the park, but we do view it as a property with potential for good.Departure: Hamilton Hotel (Itaewon), 10:00 am
Lunch can be purchased at the park.

This is a day trip, and we will return around 8:00 pm. Driving time is estimated to be a round 3 hours.

We urge all guests to bring cameras and help us add to our gallery!
For questions, message Kelly Frances or email kelly@bearnecessitykorea.c​om

Admission: 13,000 KRW
KTO: http://www.visitkorea.or.k​r/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp​?cid=1145002

***ALL THOSE WHO RESERVED/PAID FOR TICKETS PREVIOUSLY NEED NOT DO SO AGAIN. Your patience is appreciated, no need to pay further.*** However, for those who did not, we have changed the price to help cover the costs of gas, driver and bus. Seats are limited, but so far we have spaces open.

FEE: 20,000 KRW

 The Bill:

As many advocates are aware, the Bill called “Farm Bear Management, Special Law” has been repeatedly delayed in South Korea. SBS recently provided some coverage on the issue, but the future is unclear. What we know: The bill is in need of amendments and the SOLUTION of coping with the current population of approx 1300 bears is a financial and infrastructural challenge.
What we anticipate: We expect the bill will next be debated at the committee level in September. If it passes the legal committee, despite being vague in nature, it would then be debated by the National Assembly. The earliest possible date would be September. *If was not debated by Feb 2012, the Bill would fall.

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