Bear farm in Korea: a visitor’s account

Special thank you to Marcela for sharing this experience.

If you witness bear bile farming, we urge you to photograph if possible and share your experience. This is critical as it helps others understand the true nature of the practice. 

Copy edit: Bear Necessity Korea

Dear Kelly,
This farm is on a small road near road n. 21 from Jincheon to Chonan en route to Botapsa temple. In the pictures, you can see two young bears who are just skin and bones, starving, they move with difficulty. The farm smelled bad, and the bears were dirty, some missing members, or had lesions on their skin. There was not enough space for these animals, nor was there  shelter for them, so bears stayed in the sun.  We met a worker and he was very nice; he seemed innocent. We don’t speak Korean, but we understood these bears are used for bile. Maybe the farm is also used for reproduction: we saw some little bears.