Bear Population rises to 19

21 March 2011, there is news of a cub in the Jiri san Bear population restoration centre from 4 year old female bear RF-21. The cub weight of 1.5kg was declared healthy by vet Song, Byungchul and is estimated to have been born in early January this year. The mother RF-21 was released back to the wild in 2009 after being treated for neck injury by a trap.

01 May 2011, a male bear cub from RF-25, 40cm, 4 kg was estimated to have been born in early February this year.

Team officer of the Center Jung,Woojin says- “this is significantly important sign. It simply shows green light towards the restoration work that we have put in for the last 10 years in order to make the target number to 50 wild bears in Jirisan”.

The total number of wild bears including these cubs is now 19.
By MBC News Kim, sy-hyun reporter

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