Caught on film, SBS live bile farming

Bear farming caught on video: August 9th, 2010.

Still 1140 bears in South Korea, selling bile for $5000 for 100 CC.

Location: Goyang, Gyeonggi areas of the apartment near a deer farm. Rough Translation notes of script.

The Deer farm is visible outside, but the farmers are actually raising the Asiatic Black Bear for bile purposes.

Bear bile farms owner comes to get a syringe containing anesthetic.

Bandalgom shot in a tranquilizer gun * Repeat the screams.

Vandals painted black stripes on the chest and cleaned the bear.

[Farm owner (in Mt), There are only a few bears from Himalayan mountains. (Jiri Mountain bears) have barely anything good in them]

A few minutes later, the medicine wears off and the bear collapses.

Farm owners soon use an ultrasonic tester to locate the vessel against the gallbladder.

They determine the location of the gallbladder and administer a finger length, blunt needle plug.

Dark green fluid fills the syringe.

[Farm owner: Ahtta Look at this one! Big amount! These three bears have the most competency. I picked the good bear for you.]

‘In some cases, the bile sold is fake, so we’d like this to extract bile live, and actually shows scenes fo the work’.

[Farm owner: Because I work. To say everything’s on the house than it’s sight.]

“This drink containing bear bile collected a whopping 500 million won will receive one 100cc.”

[Farm owners: the principles 100cc, but I will give you 20 ~ 30cc more.]

The police raided an illegal collection of bile at the scene.

Inside the deer farm, there were 50 other Asiatic Black Bear trapped in cages.

Now the bear is left helpless and anesthetized (still screen).

[Farm owners (Can you do this to something that is alive?), We’re supposed to/allowed to capture and collect bear bile.]

Harvesting live or bear bile and serum samples is a violation of Wildlife Protection Act.

A Famer faces police charges of animal cruelty, and officials secure transaction records showing a list of buyers.

G20 summit to be held ahead of the Republic of Korea. (Video interview: seolminhwan, video editing: wiwonyang)