‘Encyclopedia Show’ presents unique insight into expat art scene while supporting bears

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On Saturday, November 13th, The ceiling in Itaewon’s Roofers were adorned with an abstract image of the anatomy of a bear, resplendent in bright colors. Teddy bears covered the tables in one corner and a slide show of images from artists worldwide pleased the eyes in front of the main stage while a ‘live artist’ drew furiously at stage left. In short, the bar once known as ‘Roofer’s’ was gone, and a perfect funky platform for educating art-loving guests about bears was born.

The show featured artists from a variety of genres, including spoken word, song, comedy, improv, hip hop, improv ‘up to even more interpretation than usual’ and a few that were just too funky for standard labels. All acts had one element in common: they focussed on an element of BEARS.

Producer Lauren Bedard is the brains behind this innovative operation, and the first to be given the privilege of holding a recognised Encyclopedia show internationally. Bear Necessity Korea had the honor of being this year’s benefactor, and was proudly there with  ‘The Bear Truth Campaign’ members Cessilia and Kathryn Park.

To all who bought a stuffed bear, signed a petition, or stopped by our table to say hello, we offer our sincerest thanks and a big ‘bear hug’. To Lauren Bedard and the wonderful team of performers that supported us, we say THANK YOU for taking Korea one step closer to ending this trade and helping educate the local population at a critical time. You made a difference, and we hope you know it.For more information about The Bear Truth Campaign, or to order a toy bear, visit www.thebeartruth.org .

To order a copy of Ura’s World, please visit moonbears.org. If you haven’t signed our petition, please do so and help us help Korea’s moonbears!

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