Local Brewery supports Moonbears with good beer

Attention Korean residents! Craftworks Taphouse and Bistro are brewing up their spring seasonal beer and are inviting all beer (and bear) fans to come along! You can join in the fun by heading to the brewery where the establishments brewing consultants will be supervising their new Jirisan ‘Moon Bear’ India Pale Ale. We will hang out and have a BBQ at the brewery in the afternoon, drink some delicious beer, and then go to a nearby resort hotel for dinner, more drinks, and entertainment, provided by Frills Thrills Burlesque Revue, among others!

Guests can choose to stay just for the day, or take a room at the hotel and party with us at night, returning to Seoul the following day. You can also come later in the day and join in the hotel all-you-can-drink party, organized by FrillsThrills Revue.

There are many different choices for transportation, including subway/shuttle bus, rental bus, or you can find your own way there if you wish. We will provide maps and complete directions.

Tickets vary in price depending on your needs. A full price list will follow, but for now sign up if you’re interested and we’ll get in touch with more details.

Approximate prices (subject to change) are:
w40000 – Afternoon brewing party with BBQ at the brewery
w40000 – Dinner and night party with hotel dinner and entertainment
w70000 – Full day /night party with BBQ, dinner, and entertainment
w50000-w70000 – Hotel rooms at Sanjang Resort (each room sleeps 4-8 ppl)
w30000 – Return bus transportation (departing from Craftworks)

Any profits made by Craftworks will be donated to Bear Necessity Korea to help save Korea’s endangered Moon Bear population (www.bearnecessitykorea.com).

We send our thanks to owner Dan Vroon, Roger Wong Won and FrillsThrills!