Local Korean NGO Founder’s Letter goes unpublished but hits home

Dear <Chief Editor> Mr. Kilzer,
         In response to the recent story regarding Vietnamese bear bile farming and the Korean tourism linked with it, I commend you on your fortitude to allow this very important story to be represented by your newspaper. It is of utmost significance to the Korean public, particularly those who would travel to Vietnam and willingly or not participate in the illegal practices of this archaic tourism market. The Korean public deserves the news, the truth forthright, and this story had to be broken from its shroud of deviant secrecy. Congratulations, sir, for allowing the serving of the news as it is, as the people must hear it: unrated, unfiltered, and unaltered.
In continuing with this story, I believe it is most necessary to follow through and bring it right into the heart of the Korean readership. By this, I’m referring to a publication of the story in Korean. By touching the wider base of readers in South Korea, a vital step would be taken to educate the public on the illegal and immoral practices of bear bile farming, in particular the tourism market in which some Koreans are or have been involved.
It is important that society be aware of wider reaching laws like those underlined and upheld by CITES; otherwise, these laws, which prohibit this tourism market, are useless and serve simply as the tools of political rhetoric. It would be to the merit of your newspaper, therefore, to state these laws and their relation to the current bile farm tourism market and provide the broader Korean public with this information, again unrated, unfiltered, and unaltered.
Therefore, on behalf of my NGO, the Korean Mountain Preservation League, I request that you take the necessary steps to put this story into print again, and continuously as needed, but in the Korean language.
I trust you will recognize the further importance of this issue and the necessity to carry the story over to the broader Korean speaking readership.
Thank you for your time.
        Shawn James Morrissey
        President, Korean Mountain Preservation League

 Korean Mountain Preservation League – The Nature of Ascent. www.kmpl.org

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