May 21, children’s event for bears

If you’re in Seoul, join us for a family-friendly weekend at the Seongnam Art Center!

The bear Truth and Hello Museum present:

Hello Moonbear Party: English Story Telling Event

May 21st - 11am thru 4pm
May 22nd - 11am thru 4pm

This event is designed to inspire children to care for animals and respect animals as equals. Children are the future and by exposing them to the wonders of the environment we are planting the seed that animals are worth saving. The event will include;
-Storytelling -
-Book Reading - Ura's Dream (this is a story about a curious, energetic, and lovable little moon bear)
-Art Contest - winners will be featured on our website and there will be a prize
-Photos - with a costume moon bear
-foreign and local food - for people to enjoy

Our mission -
Together we stand for the nation of Korea to demonstrate its greatness, where animal welfare is a concern and animal suffering ends now. 

Please come out to enjoy a wonderful spring event. 

Map and Directions from Subway Lines and Bus Terminals

"Cube Plaza. 2F." follow the sign "Museum Safari"
To contact Seongnam Art Center for more directions call