National Assembly delays bear bill

By Eco-artist "Lupe", 2009

According to sources from Green Korea United, the Korean National Assembly (NA) has delayed talks on the bill adressing bear farming due to the recent outbreak of foot and mouth disease and the complexity of the bear bile issue. Talks are expected to resume in April, during which time 2 sessions of National Assembly meetings are anticipated.

The recent decision inspired disappointment from local advocacy groups, who had coodinated awareness campaigns to accommodate NA movment. All street campaigns will be pushed ahead 2 weeks to coincide with the delay and it is hoped that more dedicated attention will be applied to the bill dubbed ‘Farm Bear Management, Special Law”.

You can voice your opposition to bear bile farming by writing to President Lee Myung Bak

The bill was delayed last year due to the North Korea crisis, and animal welfare advocates look to spring as being a time of change for the moonbear, a threatened and endangered species.

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