Seoul Supports Korea’s Moonbears through the arts!

Special thank you to the wonderful Belynda Azhaar!
Swizzling hips, razor sharp wit, enigmatic movement and hypnotic beats were all part of the mix for the 2010 RAK World Bellydance Celebration at Hongdae’s Club Ta, as spectators and performers alike celebrated the evening’s themes of ‘Rescue, Renew, Recover and Rejoice’ and kicked off this year’s World DJ festival with a shake and shimmy.
Thanks to event founder and belly dancing guru Belynda Azhaar, the house was jam packed with enthusiastic spectators, who spent their time clapping to tunes which included lively jigs, middle Eastern beats, Tango, classical music, and Reggae. The host for the evening was suave Seoulite Albert Escabedo, whose antics landed him a spot on Seoulstyle’s ‘must see’ list last January.

Diversity was impressive as the audience enjoyed a moving performance by The Seoul Players and numerous spoken word artists,  making RAK 2010 a night for every taste, and one which easily renewed my faith in the artistic talents of the community in Korea .

The evening began with the sound of the angelic vocals of Raggle Taggle Gypsies, who transitioned from lingering notes to an enthusiastic jig.  They were followed by dance acts which included Paula Wilson who later joined partner Giovanni Garcia for a stunning tango,  Belly dancers Zahira Sujong, Moniqa Paullet, Ashley Elgatian, ‘Raks Azhaar’, the highly creative and charismatic ‘Grace’; whose rubber chicken routine had the crowd roaring as they marveled over her outstanding interpretation of improvisational Oriental dance, Latin Dance Team ‘KIZOMBA’, the shimmying Goddess known as ‘Blueberry’ and the beautifully tattooed crowd pleaser ‘Aly’.   Other vocal performances included the powerhouse range of Classical singer Ryan Goessl, whose baritone voice rivals none.  Spoken word was performed by Moniqa Paullet and Seoulstyle favorite Carys Jones.

Shortly after the stroke of midnight the 2 charities, Dasi Hamkke, a human trafficking support group and Bear Necessity Korea, an animal welfare organisation, gave short talks on the missions of their groups and expressed gratitude for the generosity of all. Undoubtedly, RAK 2010 was an event driven by the love of art and social good. 

The event, which was sponsored by and Groove Magazine will be featured on the website via footage, so check it out if you couldn’t make it and expect to be impressed.

Seoulstyle’s ‘must-see’ list includes the captivating modern dance talents of performance artist and choreographer Paula Wilson, whose precision and finesse sent shiver down my spine, the ‘ever-pleasing musical funk’ of The Willman Band, well known funny man Brian Aylward, slam poet Lauren Bedard and the finale dance performance of the lady of the night, Ms Belynda Azhaar, who brought the crowd to their feet with a superb Egyptian style routine.

Stay tuned for pix and footage on and in next month’s Groove!

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