The Bear Truth Campaign Continues Despite Delays by NK Crisis

As tensions mount between the two Koreas, the tabled bill that may end bear bile farming forever seems to have been put on hold. Despite the delay, locals are rallying to keep momentum strong and gearing up for a 2011 Awareness Campaign-not unlike the one held in Itaewon this past November.

More details to come, but expect a cheerful atmosphere and our dear dancing bear, along with a chance to sign a petition and have your voice heard, educational materials and photo ops with one heck of a cute giant moonbear (and for those with concerns, it’s a costume). I had to chuckle a little at the letters I received last time regarding the chances of our bringing a real dancing bear to the streets of Seoul! The concern was deeply appreciated as this can happen in this county and many others.

Stay tuned and join us if you can!