Understanding the tabled bill, Farm Bear Management, Special Law

Korean farmed Bear, Image courtesy of Green Korea United

Translation aid courtesy of moonbears.org (Thank you to Gina Moon,  Founder of the current movement of media awareness in Korea)

Korean law remains complex and difficult for native speakers, never mind those of us seeking to understand it in other languages. Below is a summary of the bill’s key components. 

The bill has 4 main objectives :
A. Cessation of breeding policy starts within 6 months from the day this law passes
B. Bear cubs born within 6 months after this law passes cannot have ‘purpose changes’
C. Selected bears who are to be bought by the government cannot have purpose changes; other unselected bears who meet the legal slaughter age can change purpose ( which means to us these bears will be slaughtered- potentially resulting in mass killing )
D. Anyone who breaks this law will be fined accordingly and the bears will be confiscated. Other materials produced such as fur, blood, bile, meat etc will be confiscated

The proposed bill is listed in 13 sections:
1. purpose of the special law
2. definition of ‘farmed bears’
3. other laws related to this proposal, unspecified
4. prohibition of cruelty to the animals
5. prohibition of further breeding
6. compensation over the phasing out breeding policy (unspecified)
7. prohibition to the purpose changes of bought bears
8. establishment of buying and managing the bought bears (governmental)
9. administration in trust of the management of bought bears
10. prohibition of buying and selling of farmed bears
11. penal regulations
12. seizure and waste materials of farmed bears
13. fine for negligence

At this time, there is no official date set for National Assembly level talks.