Welcome Assisi (AAF)

Welcome Assisi – Auckland SPCA sponsors a newly-rescued bear in China


A huge thank you to the Auckland SPCA and everyone who contributed to the campaign to rescue a bear in honour of St Francis of Assisi – the Patron Saint of Animals.

Assisi was one of the lucky bears rescued in February 2009 and, once he was given the all clear from our veterinary team, SPCA supporter Liane Donovan and her brother Michael were flown to Chengdu to present Jill with a cheque totaling NZ$23,650 to provide for his on-going care.

As Jill wrote in her blog in May, Assisi was originally nicknamed “Hamster”. He was so called because after arriving from the farm, he carefully pulled down the straw we placed on top of his barbaric cage, piece by laborious piece, until he’d crafted what was obviously the perfect bed – and curled up comfortably to sleep.

Even standing up in those early days after arrival must have been torture for this bear, as two of his claws had grown around into a circle, painfully puncturing his pads. The stench from this injured rotting flesh was nauseating, and the years of incessant, throbbing pain must have been hard for him to endure. Here he is on arrival, his neglected claws clearly visible:

Today, the SPCA’s chosen name, “Assisi” seems just perfect for this brave and gentle bear. Liane has documented her visit to the Sanctuary in her own blog which you can read at http://hamster-assisi.blogspot.com/ and of course you can follow his progress in future issues of Animals Voice.

Here’s hoping for a long, happy, healthy life for this lucky bear.
Courtesy of animalsasia.org, 2009

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