ZooZoo, a circus of shame

It was with horror that I stumbled across the Koreanair promotion of supposed eco-friendly theme park, ‘ZooZoo’.  Here, one may witness numerous violations of animal ethics code.

One needn’t wait long to see why this Gyeongdi-do sponsored park presents one of South Korea’s most regrettable misconceptions of ‘positive animal portrayal’.

One Blogger’s experience (click for photos and original story)

A Moonbear performs a 'trick'

“They removed the lion’s teeth, and I don’t know what reason they had to do this”
“It cost 2000 won to take a picture with a bear”
“I saw a monkey tied to a bicycle with a chain (while he’s riding it)”
“The Title of the circus is, “Chinese Animal Olympics”

World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) CODE OF ETHICS 

•Where “wild” animals are used in presentations, these presentations must:

 –Deliver a sound conservation message, or be of other educational value;

 –Focus on natural behaviour;

 –Not demean or trivialise the animal in any way.

Good intentions (I presume), and a terrible outcome.

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