By Lupe, 2009~“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”-Einstein
By Lupe, 2009~“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”-Einstein

Miracle: a sad ending

The Story 

Miracle was born on a breeding farm in the spring of 2006. The farm is run by Mr. and Mrs. Lee, an aging Korean couple. Bear bile farming made them rich, but they are getting old and ill and don’t want to continue the bear bile business. They want someone to buy all of their bears so they can retire. The bile farm is small, filthy and miserable for bears. For Miracle, it was a torture chamber. The couple fed her pig’s food, and sometimes even meat from the flesh of other bears. All day and night she laid in her own filth, locked in a cage that was never cleaned. Next to her, in another cage, a traumatized 3-legged moonbear cub wrestled with madness. One day, no longer able to cope with the pain of bile extraction and agony of mental terror, Miracle escaped and swam across a river, where she found freedom in the wild.

But … Authorities want Miracle back; she’s an issue they do not know how to handle. They set traps for her and sent 30 armed hunters with 10 dogs chasing after her. When that attempt to capture Miracle failed, they sent another 110 hunters with 40 hunting dogs to track her down in May. Miracle has eluded them all. She’s been living off wild honey, farmers’ crops and chickens and the shear will to survive. Current plans to capture Miracle have been suspended until fall, when food supply gets low and the forest becomes thinner. If captured alive, Miracle could end up back on Lee’s bile farm or the farm of another Korean bile broker.

Body Parts

Farmer Lee has admitted to selling bears, regardless of age, to anyone who wants their gall bladders, their meat or their limbs. He doesn’t consider their pain or death. For Lee and his fellow bile farmers, bears are not fellow Earth Beings; they are a commodity, a product to broker for personal gain. He feels free of moral responsibilities.

There were options…

With enough public pressure, it is possible that the authorities will spare Miracle’s life and allow her to live freely in the forest, or, if captured, to be handed over to a bear sanctuary, where she will be cared for by compassionate and loving people. You can help make sure Miracle doesn’t end up dead by ambush or barely alive back on a bile farm.


Ursodeoxycholic acid, or “UDCA,” is the prized ingredient in bear bile and is believed to treat numerous health ailments. There are 54 known herbal alternatives to UDCA, all of which are acknowledged by the scientific community. Nevertheless, bear bile farming continues in Korea, China, and Vietnam.


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Miracle in the News

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